Real-time Threat Detection Powered by AI

AI Security camera monitoring with high accuracy, unlimited coverage, and zero downtime.
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Iris is an AI that analyzes live video footage 24/7 to accurately detect crimes and abnormalities including: 

vandalism, physical violence, accidents, theft, explosions, and more.

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Whether you want to better protect your business or create a safer school, Iris can help with that.


Easily connect your cameras to our cloud with no onsite setup 


The easiest way to connect your cameras is to use our edge device that will create a secure connection from your cameras to Iris (click here to see how easy it is) 


Stopping ThESpreAD

We're helping mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by using AI to detect crowds and face masks to stop the spread of the virus in buildings

We'll support you in deploying Iris remotely. We can then run a test in your store or building to show you how Iris would work. 

Lift off

You're done! Log into your Iris dashboard to see alerts and configure to receive notifications via text and email.



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Multi-danger Detection

Hassle-free Deployment



Seamless Police Integration

Iris Dashboard

The best way to manage notifications, important footage, and crime reports. 



We're headquarted in New York, New York

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