• Micheal Bingham

Adding 24/7 AI Video Monitoring to your cameras seamlessly with Iris & AngelCam

Whether you're using iris to help your office reopen in COVID-19 during the pandemic by deploying capacity control, enforcing occupancy limits inside your elevators, reducing police response times to emergencies and incidents, or capturing the next vandalism , robbery or gun violence at your business, implementing our security monitoring into your cameras has never been easier with AngelCam.

We've partnered with cloud surveillance company AngelCam to make the integration with iris simple, seamless, and modern. To help you get started, we've included a brief video tutorial on how simple it is to deploy iris into your existing security cameras.

Interested? Want to try? Fallen in love?

Shoot us an email at to get started making your business or environment a safer place by using AI to monitor it 24/7!

View our website to learn more about what iris can do and to request a demo.

Join us in inventing the future,

Micheal Bingham, CEO

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