• Micheal Bingham

Announcing Our $1000 Covid-19 Relief Grant

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The recent pandemic has caused quite a hit to our economy, our schools, our favorite bars, restaurants, gyms, barbershops, parks, churches, temples, mosques, every place we used to gather together to share joy, and even our loved ones.

As you’ve noticed, the CDC has released guidelines on how we should safely open up and studies even suggest at least 80% of people in a small in-door location should be wearing masks to prevent the spread of the disease. But can these guidelines be easily enforced by businesses? More importantly, do business owners even have the resources and time to enforce these measures?

Therefore, we’ve decided to develop a few COVID-19 specific features to do the heavy lifting in enforcing these guidelines— such as mask detection, real-time head-counting, and crowd control providing real-time data to business owners and consumers on how closely organizations are adhering to social distancing guidelines when reopening.

We want to help businesses reopen safely, so we’re offering a $1000 grant and measures to keep your business safe from COVID-19 using iris.

Applications are open until June 5, 11:59 pm. Grant recipients will be notified on a rolling basis until June 12, 11:59 pm.

Questions? Email for any questions or concerns. Applications are live here!

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